XING Events – Interview with Dr Ziegler, Managing Director

XING Events Dr Ziegler

XING Events appeared on the MICE event management scene in 2006.  Looking to leverage its 14 million membership base, XING acquired Amiando, the leading European ticketing platform and so formed XING Events.  During EIBTM 2014, XING Events showcased its mobile version of its event entry management system.  The mobile App version allows event managers to streamline the all important process of enabling attendees access to the event in an efficient manner.  MICExchange spoke to Dr Cai-Nicolas Ziegler, Managing Direct or XING Events about Business/Social networks and the changing face of Event Technology.

Dr Ziegler explained the advantages of the acquisition of Amiando by XING, “Now we have two sites, on the one hand we have the organisers, the business aspect, with this relationship with all the 80,000 organisers and on the other hand we have a professional social network of more than 14 million users.”  With its origin in Germany, XING Events organizers have sold and accounted for 7 million tickets worldwide for more than 180,000 professional events.

He went on to say – “What is now our vision at XING Events – is to offer services before, during and after the event by bringing together the Users site with the Organisers site. So [we are] matchmaking those 14 million, a very relevant audience of business professionals,  with the events in our portfolio.”  While exhibiting at EIBTM, Dr Zeigler announced, “Right now we have launched the XING Event market,” where XING users can look at available events and purchase tickets with our ticketing solution.”

He noted that the value of the event manager comes in the power of recommendation by both the platform and by its users to attend relevant events.  When joining an event the user receives additional useful information, such as a list of attending XING members and recommendations of people worth meeting.  Ziegler explained, “If we know that you are going to an event – and we have the guest list by means of our ticketing tool, we can say – of all these thousands of people,  which are the most relevant you should meet.  As we know, one of the most essential aspects of events is networking.” 

Ziegler said that, “In the past it was not possible [because] there were just too many people, and you did not know how to contact the right ones. Now with a solution like our “People2meet”,  they will share the same interests and skill set.”  The newly introduced people2meet functionality does not only benefit the organiser, but means real added value for attendees.

Dr Ziegler noted that the combination of XING mobile Apps, Event management, Event Market and People2meet provide a combined set of tools that make the attendees experience more worthwhile and in so doing increases the value and success of the event for a planner.

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