Azavista – Future Technology Impact on Meetings and Events


AzavistaBased in Amsterdam,‭ ‬Azavista has been taking a futuristic look at the travel and event industry through the eyes of Web and IT specialists.‭  ‬While Azavista primarily provides a online event registration and event management platform to handle their meetings and events,‭ ‬the team is also looking at how technology could impact event management in the future.‭

Azavista presented some of their ideas at EIBTM‭ ‬2014‭ ‬as part of the EIBTM Knowledge Programme,‭ ‬with a presentation‭ ‬-‭ “‬What Will Events Look Like in the Future‭?”  ‬EIBTM gathers over‭ ‬15000‭ ‬professionals working within the global Meetings and Events industry.

EIBTM’s‭ ‬Knowledge‭ ‬Programme presented some‭ ‬70‭ ‬sessions of innovative professional education through seminars,‭ ‬workshops and key notes during the event with a focus on the trends and innovations that are expected to make events and conferences more engaging,‭ ‬productive and support networking.

Cassandra Michael AzavistaDuring the EIBTM Knowledge Programme,‭ ‬Cassandra Michael,‭ ‬Sales‭ & ‬Marketing Manager of Azavista,‭ ‬presented a future view of events as the company envisions it.‭  ‬Michael spoke to attendees about how smart gadgets,‭ ‬virtual reality and wearable technology could soon feature in the meeting and events industry in the years to come.‭

Michael suggested,‭ “‬In the near future hotels will allow planners to view meeting and event facilities virtually,‭ ‬just from the comfort of their desk‭ – ‬and that‭ ‬Planners will use AR to select and experience destinations.‭”  ‬She went on to discuss how communication and transport for events may also feel the impact of emerging‭ ‬technologies.‭

Azavista could see a time when developments in real-time translation of presentations and communications at events could lead to true internationalization‭ – ‬further,‭ ‬developments in‭ ‬automobile self driving technology could also lead to efficiencies in delegate transfers to and from events rather than having fleets of coaches on standby.‭   ‬Vehicles could be notified automatically when a delegate lands at the airport and then be taken directly to destinations of choice.‭

A recent‭ ‬Azavista survey revealed that while the penetration of technology tools remains low in the event planning industry and that as manpower and resources become leaner,‭ ‬the impact of technology to improve ROI and efficiencies become the drivers of technology adoption.

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