A Promotion & Marketing Service

A Promotion & Marketing Service – The Cost Effective Alternative

Promote your brand and reach a Targeted MICE and Travel audience and reach Global decision makers, Business Leaders and MICE Buyers.  Digital PR or advertising on MICExchange.com is a cost effective way to target travel industry decision makers. We offer a wide range of marketing solutions to enable you to get the maximum impact from your campaign. MICExchange.com will enable you to save time and money by targeting the people who really buy your product.

MICE people at MICExchange

We provide TOP VALUE alternatives for your investment without costing your business thousands of dollars. MICExchange.com offers solutions and promotional opportunities to showcase your business. We provide the best Return-On-Investment for your promotional or advertising budget because our site delivers your message directly to the market decision makers. MICExchange.com is designed to reach a targeted audience of global MICE and travel professionals.  Our rates are low because we believe in FAIR VALUE in online promotion and are effective at leveraging our worldwide contacts.

Services at a Glance

  • Provide you access to Post Directly on MICExchange and MICExpo
  • Direct Access Authorship for instant Pre-Approved Publication
  • Access to Auto-posting via Email – This service allows clients to post on our websites during an Expo with their latest news by email. Our website automatically posts the news and Tweets it to the world.
  • Provide articles and exposure for your Product or service to the MICE industry
  • Prepare, write and post articles on your business or latest concept
  • Publish Press Releases about your latest News
  • Report on your Expo appearances
  • Report on your latest product launch
  • Provide ongoing (year-round) online visibility
  • Flexible Image Advert placement
  • Interviews with Key industry players

MICExchange promotes your news across our websites and provide media coverage through a wide range of tools. Sponsored Content, Curated Content, Native Adverts, Teasing articles, Press Releases, Linked Images all promote your content along with personalized services such as pre-approved and automatic article posting.

Reach Buyers and Sellers of MICE Services – MICExchange reaches both sides of the Business Events industry and is bringing insight from key global industry players. Interviews, Case-Histories and industry views with both Buyers and Industry Leaders for insight into trends and markets.

Curated Online Publication  – Content curation is where we gather your relevant news to maintain ongoing exposure on a particular topic or area of interest. Curation services are used by businesses to maintain product or service exposure by “drip feeding” news that maintains a brand presence and visibility.

Direct Access and Self Publication  – Join our Trusted Contributors and have the freedom to publish News and Updates as they happen without the delay of Approval or Editing processes – Your content is pre-approved for release!

Custom Online Publishing  – Publication of your original news to reach consumers using the power of unique content to drive conversations, build brands and deliver exposure by keeping your key personnel and messages in the forefront.

News and Press Release Exposure  – Publish or create your news release and direct it at the global business community for exposure to decision makers.

Interviews and Q&A’s  – Share news with a personal touch that speaks to your audience, combines exposure and information sharing.  It is human nature to listen to a personal message rather than being fed impersonal information.

Email – Inclusion in Curated News shoots to increase exposure for your business or product.