3 Days in Puerto Rico


The Puerto Rico Convention Bureau,is bent on debunking the perception that Puerto Rico is not a serious meetings destination, the initiative will be executed through a multi-platform marketing campaign strategy.

The campaign features two meeting planners who have hosted high-level, serious business meetings in Puerto Rico. By sharing their perceptions and experiences of the Island, the campaign’s over-reaching message is that Puerto Rico is a smart meeting destination — as well as a fun place to meet. The technology in Puerto Rico is state-of-the-art.

There continues to be a mindset that off-shore, sunny destinations don’t measure up as a serious meetings location, and that’s just not the case, stated Ramón Sánchez, executive vice president and COO, Puerto Rico Convention Bureau. he continues by saying, Puerto Rico offers an advanced communications, travel and commercial infrastructure with a fast-paced business culture. We know how to get things done. Couple that with a vibrant culture, a wide range of appealing attractions and activities for delegates and you’ve got a serious, yet fun place for business.

Puerto Rico’s cutting-edge technology, budget friendly accommodation options, U.S. ties, and other attributes that make the Island both a sophisticated and dynamic meetings destination.


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