Seoul Attractive for MICE Operators


Seoul is ranked as one of the top 10 international conference destinations in the world and among the top 3 in Asia.  With Seoul’s blend of ancient tradition and technological advances, the city provides all the needs for meeting planners.Since the Seoul G20 Summit, Korea and Seoul has continued to hold its own as a conference destination.

The two airports, Gimpo International and Incheon International provides access to Seoul where the primary gateway, Incheon consistently scores top accolades such as Best Airport Worldwide. The seventh largest city in the world, the dynamic capital of South Korea is a fascinating mix of ancient and modern where people still visit traditional tea houses, and elegant palaces host cultural performances  that keep the ancient past alive.

Despite its modern appearance, Seoul has a truly distinctive blend of aromatic and healthy food, much of it vegetarian.  Although Seoul is often called the ‘new Tokyo’, Seoul and Korea has a unique culture. Korea is simply one of the economic powerhouses of Asia. The city has a vibrant pulse, and its mix of a modern cityscape of glass with neon signs clamouring for attention and glittering designer stores against traditional wooden houses,  maze of cobbled alleys in distinct, village-like districts provide a mix for all visitors.

The Seoul Tourism Organization presents Seoul as a capital evoling into into world-class business and cultural center.  With a mission is to market Seoul as a convention and tourist destination through the promotion of the city’s cultural assets,  accommodations, refined cuisine,  meeting facilities, and quality services, Seoul has been winning bids for conferences over more established centers.

Employing  a number of business incentive programs that highlight the destination and make it attractive to conference organizers, Seoul, has promoted itself as providing a a platform that supports MICE  businesses. In close cooperation with the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the Seoul Tourism Organization is a key player in the city’s effort to become a destination of exceptional value for meeting planners from around the world.


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