Japan National Tourism Organization‭ (‬JNTO)‭ – Annual roadshow in Singapore


jnto-logoJapan, Asia’s Number 1 Destination For International Meetings, howcased Seven Upcoming MICE Cities During Singapore Roadshow. – Chiba,‭ ‬Hiroshima,‭ ‬Matsue,‭ ‬Niigata,‭ ‬Okayama,‭ ‬Okinawa and Sapporo were the seven upcoming Japanese MICE cities that the Japan National Tourism Organization‭ (‬JNTO‭) ‬showcased at their‭ ‬2nd annual roadshow in Singapore on‭ ‬27‭ ‬October‭ ‬2015.‭

Organised in partnership with TTG Events,‭ ‬the half-day roadshow at the Suntec Convention‭ & ‬Exhibition Centre saw more than‭ ‬30‭ ‬Singapore-based‭ ‬association buyers,‭ ‬PCOs,‭ ‬AMCs and other MICE buyers connect with‭ ‬Convention and‭ ‬Visitor‭ ‬Bureau‭ ‬(CVB‭) ‬representatives‭ ‬as well as senior directors from JNTO Singapore and its headquarters counterpart Japan Convention.‭

Last year,‭ ‬Japan was ranked number‭ ‬1‭ ‬by ICCA for hosting the most number of international meetings among Asian countries.‭ ‬Globally,‭ ‬the country is in‭ ‬7th position.‭ ‬According to Susan Ong,‭ ‬Deputy Director of JNTO Singapore,‭ ‬this strong footing is a reason why roadshows like this continue to be crucial for the destination to uphold its top position as a MICE destination and to continue promoting Japan’s unique venues and experiences.‭

jnto-meet-1Ong remarked,‭ “‬The team was excited to introduce and deliver relevant information of convention venues and attractions in Japan,‭ ‬especially in our seven upcoming cities,‭ ‬which have well equipped facilities to offer the Singapore market.‭ ‬We hope to not only increase awareness of our new venues and upcoming destinations,‭ ‬but to also attract more bids to host international conferences.‭ ”

The importance of the associations segment to Japan’s‭ ‬20‭ ‬million visitor arrival target by year‭ ‬2020,‭ ‬its potential to economic benefit generation,‭ ‬growth and impact on industrial innovation and cultural legacy,‭ ‬coupled with TTG Events‭’ ‬strength in engaging key decision makers and influencers in the associations industry,‭ ‬had made this roadshow a win-win collaboration.‭

Elaborated Ong,‭ “‬The significance of the associations industry to Japan cannot be understated.‭ ‬The country has one of the largest national memberships within many international associations and a strong tradition of hosting international association meetings.‭ ‬Japan has also been a leading force for research and development in many industries ranging from engineering,‭ ‬pharmaceuticals to robotics,‭ ‬with a strong academic community and‭ ‬22‭ ‬Nobel Prize wins in physics,‭ ‬chemistry and medicine.‭ ”

“We are confident that TTG Event’s credibility and ability to deliver our targeted buyers from both the associations and greater MICE market via their extensive industry network will enable us to forward our objectives for the second year running.‭”

The roadshow opened with a seminar to arm attending buyers with useful tips on‭ “‬Taking Your Association Meeting Overseas‭” ‬with the help of a support network of‭ ‬venue providers,‭ ‬Professional Congress Organisers and Convention‭ & ‬Exhibition Bureaus.‭ ‬Attending CVBs‭ ‬on-hand to participate in focused business discussions with buyers‭ ‬included‭ ‬Chiba Convention Bureau,‭ ‬Hiroshima Convention‭ & ‬Visitors Bureau,‭ ‬Matsue Convention Bureau Kunibiki Messe,‭ ‬Niigata Visitors‭ & ‬Convention Bureau,‭ ‬Okayama Visitors‭ & ‬Convention Association,‭ ‬Okinawa Convention‭ & ‬Visitors Bureau and Sapporo Convention Bureau.‭ ‬One lucky winner‭ ‬also walked‭ ‬away with a return economy class ticket to Tokyo‭!
For more information,‭ ‬please visit‭ ‬www.jnto.org.sg and‭ ‬www.japanmeetings.org/

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