Meetings and Events by Club Med – Revisioning MICE


Capitalising on the& growing demand for group travel, Club Med has proved their Club Med’s ‘Rent a Resort’ concept was sucessful as organisers seek exclusive access to an entire Resort. Club Med’s Rent a Resort concept caters for groups of between 300 and 1000 delegates, with the vision of inspiring guests and creating the perfect conference, product launch or incentive getaway.  Since 1980, Club Med’s success recipe has been adapted for business conferences and incentives by capitalising on a unique product and expertise.

 Thanks to a 40-year experience, Club Med now organise more than 900 professional events in some of the most beautiful places in the world.  The increasingly popular option offers groups access to an entire resort, with all Resort staff and facilities at the organiser’s exclusive disposal and packages tailored for specific needs. Club Med has 80 exceptional resorts around the world, adaptable to group requests and offering a range of environments from surf to snow.


  • With Club Med’s Rent-A-Resort program, the entire Resort is yours. Staff and all
  • facilities will be at your disposal.
  • All activities are located on-site and organized specifically for your group.
  • This is the perfect option for groups of 300-1000 people who want the flexible, private
  • and prestige event.
  • You can personalize every detail of your event and create the exact atmosphere you
  • are looking for.
  • You can benefit from very attractive prices for all bookings during pre and post
  • seasonal openings


  • Club Med has over 60 exceptional Resorts around world – comprising of Sun and Snow
  • Resorts.
  • There are located across five continents in a range of dream destinations adaptable to
  • any group’s needs or requests.
  • All Resorts are set in beautiful locations, which create a unique atmosphere the
  • moment you arrive.

Club Med helps your Team leader to plan and organize all kinds of events, from conference to incentive rewards and pleasure trips.


  • Club Med provides creativity and expertise in every stage of the planning and running of
  • your conferences, product launches, meetings, incentive programs or stage shows. The
  • theme of your event will be staged and directed by the professional G.O team.
  • Giving your event the desired feel and atmosphere. They can be trusted to create
  • exclusive events for your business as well as coordinate all of the planned private
  • dinners and parties.


36 Resorts located on the 4 continents are equipped with conference infrastructures and can welcome your guests.
Spaces which can be partly or entirely privatized Specific motivating and rewarding event events A commercial team in your country that can propose a program adapted to your needs A G.O team and one Club Med Business responsible in each Resort who co-ordinates your stay
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