APEC Boost to Bali


The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in November 2013 has turned a spotlight on Bali as a large scale meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) destination.  The APEC Summit will be using the conference facilities of Nusa Dua. The head of the Bali Tourism Office,noted that Bali hosted hundreds of meetings and conferences every year.  In 2011, Bali hosted 168 international and domestic meetings, conferences, incentives and exhibitions that accounted for about 2% , of foreign visitor arrivals( almost 3million). In comparison, domestic MICE arrivals contributed 4% of the total domestic (about 5.7 million) in 2012.

While officials recognize that MICE visitors still represented a relatively small number of arrivals, such business can contribute significantly to the islands economy and is expected to grow.  MICE is seen to be an important addition to the already popular tourist destination.  The demands of MICE for  hotels, exhibition rooms, conference halls, professional organizers, florists, catering services and transportation services among others can drive a significant boost to the islands infrastructure.  Improvements to its airport and road facilities, are now ongoing to help ease traffic congestion and welcome visitors.

The Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry, has identified countries in the Asia-Pacific region as Bali’s potential MICE markets and is focused on the Asia-Pacific region as becoming one of the world’s robust economic areas with multinational companies engaged in conferences and meetings.


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