Tourism can Give Something Back to Communities

Kids welfare

The philosophy is quite simple—tourism should be a win-win situation for both the traveller and the local; in other words, we want to give back to the communities we visit in a direct and positive way while creating an enriching and memorable experience for the traveller.

Responsible tourism, specifically community based tourism is our what drives us and we design each trip with this in mind. We believe in the bottom up approach, supporting local businesses and initiatives to empower and strengthen communities.

There are a growing number of conscientious consumers and responsible travel companies who are donating financial resources, time, talent and economic patronage to protect and positively impact the cultures and environments they visit. This voluntary movement is helping to support community development, biodiversity conservation, and other environmental, socio-cultural and economic improvements including providing jobs, educational and professional training opportunities, health care and environmental stewardship.  Try a few things on youir next trip like-

Bring Much Needed Supplies -Nonprofit organizations, especially smaller grassroots initiatives, are in desperate need of supplies. From books and stationery for school kids to Sample image Ibasic daily gear like warm socks, gloves, and hats, filling up half a carry-on suitcase with supplies and other basic necessities is very beneficial. Do your homework though, it may be that purchasing certain items on location is a lot more cost effective than lugging the items across the ocean, so be sure to contact the organization you’d like to help out and ask what their preference would be.

Outreach & Volunteering – You might be surprised to find that many hotels and resorts have special outreach programs that allow guests to volunteer and give back while on vacation.  Guests can usually log on to the hotel’s website to find specific branches that are participating in certain initiatives they’d like to be a part of.

Get into the local spirit and revel in the cultural exchange and mingle with locals. Even if you stay at a Hotel or resort – Dine off-resort. Ask locals where they eat. You’ll support the local economy while getting a more authentic taste of the region. And – while your at it –  skip the well trodden tourist strip and go “off road”.  Look for your gifts at community-based handicraft co-operatives, markets and small businesses local craftspeople net more of the profit when you buy at the community level.


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