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The Flight is Overbooked?

Do you know of anyone who got “bumped” due to overbooking? Overbooking lights is not illegal, and many airlines overbook their scheduled...
9 essential travel strategies for 2009

Business Travel Perks

Saturday night stay-overs: Your out-of-town business chores conclude on Friday and you would like to extend your business trip to take advantage of...
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Traveling the ethical high road

Ethical travel. Responsible travel. These aspirations should come naturally to travelers on the road. Our ...

Travel and Internet Security Tips

In our online and connected world, we can forget that others – unknown to us are also connected but in a nasty way. With...

Winter Destinations

As Europe approacheswinter and the festive season,folk start looking for some sunshine. With short flights and options for every budget, there’s no client...
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3 biggest mistakes business travelers make

So you think you're a seasoned traveler, huh? Your years of experience have prepared you for just about everything that could go...
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Trapped on the tarmac?

The Department of Transportation put U.S. airlines on notice that they’d face steep fines for holding passengers on idling jets for more...
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Travel Fees can Add-Up

While frequent travelers are well aware of hidden fees, it seems that these days, the travel industry is finding new ways to make...
Kids welfare

Tourism can Give Something Back to Communities

The philosophy is quite simple—tourism should be a win-win situation for both the traveller and the local; in other words, we want to give...



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