ShowGizmo Empowers Event Attendees with Crowd Mics App

Mik Fuller ShwGizmo

Gone are the days of running Mics around the room – now you can utilize the power of your attendee’s smartphones by turning them into wireless microphones. ShowGizmo’s Crowd Mics turns users phones into microphones by connecting to the WIFI of your venue or session room.  Mike Fuller, VP Global Strategic Alliances of ShowGizmo commented, ”We are really powering events with our new ‘Crowd Mics” integration – This is really shaping the future of events – By taking the smartphone and making it the remote control – Our App allows you to use your own phone as a Mic.”

Mike Fuller ShowGizmoFuller demonstrated in a packed AIME( Asia-Pacific Incentives & Meetings Expo) Knowledge session, “It is really simple to use, at the push of a button, the presenter is notified that you have a question and they can allow you to interact directly from your seat. Alternatively the delegate can send a text if they don’t want to be so public.” Mike Fuller enthused, “This is the future of events right here in your hand.”

A speaker at the front of the room receives a request to talk and simply taps a button to accept a users request to talk, making their mic (Smartphone) come alive. ShowGizmo was successfully launched in July 2010, and has since been deployed at a range of events around the world. Australasia’s top event app – ShowGizmo, has secured an exclusive Australasian partnership with 2015 Global Event tech of the Year winners, Crowd Mics. The partnership will see ShowGizmo as the exclusive reseller for the Crowd Mics product across Asia-Pacific and also sees ShowGizmo as the only event tech company in the world to have integrated Crowd Mics into their app.

Crowd Mics aims to “give a voice to the audience” by turning the smartphones of event goers into microphones through wirelessly connecting to the speakers of an auditorium or meeting room. The product is the brainchild of Arizona based brothers Tim and Sean Holladay and launched in Feb 2014. Crowd Mics won the prestigious award 2015 Event Technology of the Year from EventMB.

Crowd Mic’s co-founder and CEO, Tim Holladay said, “we are very excited to work with ShowGizmo on this integration. We’ve known the ShowGizmo team for some years – they are truly world class and have been instrumental in validating and testing the new SDK.” Holladay added, “The feature integration will help drive audience participation and engagement at events around the world.”

ShowGizmo is the leading event app company in Australasia and in 2015 acquired Feathr’s ‘mobile apps for events’ business portfolio. The partnership comes as ShowGizmo continues to expand into the US and UAE markets

Over the past year Feathr has repositioned themselves, focussing their business more on their event analytics and digital advertising. Feathr co-founder, Aidan Augustin state, “ShowGizmo was the perfect partner to acquire their mobile app business, he said, they [ShowGizmo] provide top-notch customer service and continue adding new features at an aggressive clip.”

ShowGizmo CEO, Marie-Claire Andrews said, “we were the pioneers of event apps when we launched five years ago, so it makes sense for us to pioneer this latest innovation alongside a team equally committed to making events around the world more awesome.”

Marie-Claire Andrews, founder and CEO of ShowGizmo continued to enjoy success when she was named in the Top 25 Smart Women in the Events Industry 2016. ShowGizmo, is now the number one event app provider in Australasia, and recently expanded into the US. The team has since powered more than a thousand events to date. ShowGizmo CEO, Marie-Claire Andrews said, “I’m privileged to receive this honor – particularly as one of only a handful of international winners! I appreciate the recognition from the industry and look forward to meeting all the other inspiring women on my travels.”


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