Shake-up in Croatian Tourism


The Tourist Board Croatian National Tourist Board , headed by the President of the Minister of Tourism, Mr Darko Lorencin dismissed Meri Matešić from the role of Director of CTB . Until the election of the new directors through a public tender Matešić remains an employee of CTB.  The decision came after a three hour meeting with CTB representatives.

As explained by the Minister Lorencin , Meri Matesic was relieved due to non-execution of the work directives.  Lorencin explained that the team has been disbanding in order to further develop the CTB.  The removal came after the Tourist Board has not adopted a report on the achievement of the program of work for the 2013th year. Lorencin said, “We want a stronger , more comprehensive changes to the promotion of Croatian tourism , and this is a key moment to bring this decision , ” after the session .

Meri MatesicIt has been suggested that the decision was related to the new Strategic Marketing Plan for Croatian tourism from 2014 to 2020 which has been undertaken in conjunction with Horwath Consulting.  One aspect of the report addresses issues of systemisation of the CTB’s role to act in part, as a selling agency, selling tours, accommodation and car hire with the involvement of external consultants and advertising agencies.

The dismissed director of the Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ ) Meri Matešić, confirmed the reason for her dismissed was due to her report on the work not being acepted, but she said that its assessment of the report cannot be a valid reason for her dismissal.

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