IBTM World Hosted Buyers Start Making Appointments

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ibtm world announced that the Hosted Buyer Appointment Preferences are now live. Exhibitors can now Log into their Exhibitor Portal and click on the ‘Appointment Management’ to request and select their preferences to meet with their preferred Hosted Buyer. The appointment system allows Exhibitors to select and rank their preferences to meet up to 30 Hosted Buyers they wish to meet at the show.

Exhibitors are reminded that Hosted Buyers will also be selecting their Exhibitor and meeting preferences. The ibtm world Appointment System allows users to apply a ‘Preference Filter’ to see who has selected a meeting. By mutually selecting or requesting a meeting increases the opportunity of mutually matched appointments. Selection criteria are also “Geo-sensitive” to better match the geographical source of buyers and maximise meeting and networking with those who matter most to your business.
Mr Barnett explains about meeting Hosted Buyer and Exhibitors networking needs, “Exhibitors want to see as many relevant hosted buyers – we try to manage 50% of a Hosted Buyers time and that means they have half their time available for learning and education, peer-to-peer networking or sourcing other exhibitors. There is a balance in providing the right amount of time for formal business appointments and allowing them to discover and manage their own time.”  He added, “It’s a balancing act for Exhibitors and Hosted Buyers, so it’s more about a flexible approach.”

ibtm world facilitates the face-to-face connections with thousands of key industry suppliers with the aim of creating long-lasting business relationships. ibtm world Hosted Buyers have pre-scheduled meetings with highly relevant exhibitors of your ch

oice to mix and match to your needs and schedule your 3 days of meetings and events for maximum benefit. By attending our various Hosted Buyer networking functions you can expand your network in an informal and relaxed environment.
Mr Barnett points out, “People go to trade shows like ibtm world where you have an industry community of some 15,000 people, where you want people to have the opportunity to meet, and we try to encourage that through informal and formal networking events.”

What are the key benefits?

Travel and accommodation
Receive complimentary travel, transfers and 4/5* accommodation. We will take care of this for you to ensure a stress free experience, so you can focus on what is important… making connections and getting the most out of ibtm world.
Tailored schedule
You can be semi or fully hosted to suit your business needs. Every buyer will be given a personalised diary which includes a schedule of appointments with exhibitors of your choice, knowledge sessions and networking events to make sure that every minute counts.
VIP Hosted Buyer lounges
Benefit from access to one of the two VIP Hosted Buyer lounges located on the show floor. Whilst you’re there, enjoy complimentary refreshments and lunch as well as free Wi-Fi. Connect with like-minded colleagues and engage in industry talk.

Select Hosted Buyers and Appointment Schedule
Login to the Hosted Buyer Zone


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