IBTM Knowledge Programme 2015 – Motivation and Engagement


To deliver the educational and motivational sessions, IBTM World has partnered with the creative and solutions-driven ACS audiovisual solutions to deliver the vision of the ACS Knowledge Village.  This new environment for the 2015 IBTM Knowledge Programme will be delivered on the show floor, located within the newly created ACS Knowledge Village, consisting of four purpose built and themed theatres.

The IBTM Knowledge Programme, delivered at IBTM World, provides global industry players with a series of sessions  to motivate and challenge existing thought models and raise the bar when it comes to planning and organising events across the globe.

Dr. Rob Davidson, Managing Director, MICE Knowledge and ibtm events industry analyst commented on the how the industry is transforming meeting design, “In the past 12 months, there has been a huge move towards designing meetings to be much more multisensory and immersive than before.”

Organised by Reed Travel Exhibitions, the programme will feature keynote sessions from to address these evolving educational demands through sessions by “industry thought leaders”.  [Thought leaders are the informed opinion leaders and the go-to people in their field of expertise.]

Deborah Armstrong, Managing Director of Strong & Co will be addressing what exactly ‘Immersive Events’ mean in practice and why they are so important. Deborah will share key learnings around achieving meaningful and longer lasting engagement.  to expand on the theme of immersive engagement,  Kevin Jackson, Vice President EMEA, George P. Johnson and President of ISES UK will explore event engagement processes and more importantly how you get audiences leaning forward instead of leaning back.  While it is one thing to change attendee experiences, it is also necessary for management teams to take up the challenge of how to address the needs of management in an evolving event format.

Ivo Franschitz, Owner & Managing Director, ENITED Business Events and Vanessa Schmoranzer, Brand Leadership Consultant and Change Management Coach, will explore the world of business events from the perspective of the host and of the participant.  The presenters use their own business experiences in discussing the “opportunities of change”.

Erica Keogan, associations and education manager at ibtm events, said: “This year promises a very impressive line up of education sessions and we haven’t just stopped there. We have redesigned our entire knowledge experience, creating the ACS Knowledge Village at the heart of the show floor where attendees can come together and really live the entire experience.” 

The Themed Sessions :
Connections mean everything – Everything that we do in the meetings and events industry comes down to the connections that we make. ‘Connections mean everything’  is the strap line and ethos for ibtm events and is a theme that can be brought to life through networking and sales to social media, communities and engagement.
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Inspiration from outside – Thought leaders, economists, high achievers and motivational speakers will inspire you with their outside view from beyond the meetings, events and incentives industry.

Leading lights from leading events – International and regional speakers who have organised the biggest and best events globally will share their insights and expertise.
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Innovative events – Learn different approaches to event planning as we explore the variety of different and successful event formats from secret cinema to festivals organised by non- traditional event organisers.

Putting meeting design into practice – Interact and engage with the psychology of events, from meeting formats, setups, venue and space use, along with meeting and learning concepts and the science of objective led learning.

Tools for meetings productivity – Equip yourself with the right tools for the job from innovative apps to new technology and learn from our productivity experts and software gurus.
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Industry engagement – Insightful research and trends will help you shape your growth strategies and keep you informed with what’s going on in the regions and international markets.
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To find out more about the benefits of attending ibtm world and to register as a trade visitor, please visit: www.ibtmworld.com/visit2015.

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