Discussing Ethical Tourism in Burma


A public meeting on How to Holiday Ethically in Burma will take place on 16th April at 6pm in the Grand Committee Room at the House of Commons.  The meeting is hosted by the Rt.Hon. Malcolm Wicks MP, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Democracy in Burma and guest speakers. The purpose of the event is largely to raise awareness and foster discussion around the ethics of travelling to Burma. While the Tourism Concern group supported the National League for Democracy’s call for a tourism boycott for many years, they now promote the need for on-going awareness of the wider challenges facing the country and how tourism relates to this.

The speakers will each give a perspective on the current conditions in Burma, whether the tourism boycott was effective and, now that it has been lifted, how ethical to travel to Burma would bring benefits to local people and assist their cause, however large scale tourism would bring few benefits and continue to support the current political climate.

Anna Roberts is Executive Director at Burma Campaign UK and has been involved in advocacy for human rights for 15 years and previously worked in the campaigns department at Amnesty International UK.
James Moreton is the Founder and Director at Panoramic Journeys, which specialises in ethical tours to Burma. Panoramic Journeys is also a member of Tourism Concerns Ethical Tour Operators Group.
Simon Usborne is a features and travel writer at The Independent(UK).
Min Hein is Head of the Activity Committee for the National League for Democracy (Liberated Area) UK. He was born in Ragoon and has been involved in the Burmese democratic movement in the UK since 2006.


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