Colorado Springs Tourism Budget Discussions

Colorado springs

Colorado Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau is facing the possibility of a reduced budget in the task to balance state budgets.  With an industry relying on the 55 million visitors coming to the state each year many in the supply chain are watching carefully the outcomes of discussions. The budget proposes an increase to $15 million for the state tourism budget in 2014from $13.3 million in 2013,  as proposed by Gov. John Hickenlooper’s which endorses the added $2 million and includes a state “unified branding platform.”

But spending on tourism, which includes marketing and advertising campaigns, is not a sure thing as a state Joint Budget Committee analyst recommended cutting the tourism budget to $9 million.  Tourism, according to the Governor should be viewed as a top economic driver and top industry in the state.

Mr Al White, Colorado Tourism Office director.argues that when visitors come, they spend money on transportation, lodging, food, retail shops and recreation, and said that when you invest in promotion, .“ you get back tourism dollars”.


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