Bill Marriott Hands Over CEO Reins


When asked why? – Mr Marriott said, “Now’s the time.”  However, he is not retiring and will still be very much around as Executive Chairman.  While still involed, he said ” Arne Sorenson will be driving the bus, but I’ll still be onboard”.

Mr Marriott noted that he will soon celebrate four personal milestones, ” I’ll turn 80 years of age in March. I’ll have worked at Marriott for 60 years in June. I’ll have been CEO for almost 40 years and celebrate that anniversary in November. And I will have known Arne Sorenson for 20 years. These are nice round zero dates”.

As a 35-year veteran of the company, Bob has made significant contributions to our growth and performance and has distinguished himself with his business leadership and stewardship of  the Marriott company culture. His career, which began as a restaurant waiter, is a tribute to the opportunity that is possible at Marriott.

He said that it’s also a time of great strength for the company as it was totally focused on lodging and developing the best hotel brands in the world.  It seems he has the blessing of his family and business associates and as executive chairman, will continue to blog and stay in touch with Marriott associates.  He said that one of the greatest joys in life has been to see so many find a welcoming place and rewarding opportunities at Marriott.

He is still amazed to think about what has been accomplished since the little enterprise opened by his parents in 1927.  As we look to the future, I can honestly say I have never been more confident about our company.

Effective March 31, I will assume the role of Executive Chairman of the company and relinquish the role of Chief Executive Officer. I will remain chairman of our company’s board of directors.  As Executive Chairman, I will continue to share my many years of experience and plan on visiting a lot of our hotels and continuing to be a company ambassador as we build opportunity throughout the world.



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