Speed Marketing Sessions for INDABA 2014


SOUTH AFRICAN TOURISM’s Speed Marketing Sessions, are fast, highly effective sessions to introduce an array of South African tourism products to hosted buyers from around the world.  “The Speed Marketing Sessions are specifically designed to facilitate as many fruitful trading contacts as possible, and given that South Africa is currently among the fastest growing inbound regions in the world…. we are expecting that international travel buyers will be keener than ever to plug into South Africa’s tourism offering,” says South African Tourism Chief Executive Officer Mr Thulani Nzima.

With inbound tourism to South Africa continuing to experience growth, the sessions are expected to be a hive of potentially lucrative deal making.  In the sessions, global buyer delegates will be introduced to a wide variety of South African products, including everything from action-packed adventure and unique experiences to cosmopolitan hot spots.

Three types of tourist experiences have been identified for this year’s Speed Marketing Sessions : Hidden Treasures, Urban Vibe and Action Adventure. Twenty products will be represented for each theme, and each will have 4 – 5 minutes each to make their sales pitch to the buyers.

Hidden Treasures is a collection of unique countrywide innovative products collated by the Tourism Enterprise Partnership, including heritage tours and attractions that offer insight into the people of South Africa.

These are high quality, value-for-money products that authentically represent the people and stories of South Africa.  South Africa’s most popular urban hubs will have the opportunity to showcase their attractions and experiences, while for Action Adventure, the most sought after adventure experiences have been chosen, including hot air ballooning, shark diving, river rafting, horse riding and hiking.

“We are committed to showcasing the best of South Africa to buyers in innovative, relevant ways at Indaba 2014” says Nzima.   For more information, please visit http://www.indaba-southafrica.net


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