Francine Closener-Secretary of State of Economy Luxembourg – MICE Tourism Interview IMEX

Francine Closener - Luxembourg

Luxembourg, this tiny country nestled in a corner between Germany, France and Belgium in the center of Western Europe, has discovered it has all the attractions to be an ideal MICE destination.  Francine Closener, Secretary of State of the Economy, was supporting the Luxembourg National Tourism Office at IMEX 2014 and presented its potential as more than a beautiful tourist and business center.  What it lacks in size, becomes an asset, where everything from airport to hotels and attractions are within easy reach. 


Having hosted EU Summits and large-scale meetings and events, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is also home to the European Commission, the European Court of Auditors and the Secretariat of the European Parliament.  Luxembourg is both  experienced and capable when it comes to understanding the requirements of a successful MICE destination.

During a meeting with Secretary of State of the Economy, when asked what aspirations Luxembourg had for tourism and the MICE industry, Francine Closener told the editor of MICExchange, “We know that MICE is a very important segment of our tourist industry [and] we want to develop it further.”

“.. Luxembourg is often reduced to being just a financial center, but we have much more to offer, and in the last few years we [ourselves] have re-discovered Luxembourg … and [now] we are working on nation branding.”

Due to its small size, almost anywhere in is close.  With its most distant border only 82 Kms away, Luxembourg offers a stunningly beautiful, compact country that is typically less than a half an hour away from France, Belgium and Germany by road.  With picturesque, romantic vistas: from the Moselle Valley with its steep vineyards and riverside hamlets, rolling farmlands, pastel-toned houses and medieval hilltop castles, it’s is not hard to see the possibilities.

“ It;s very important for us to put Luxembourg on the map as a tourist destination – Luxembourg is a very small country and it has all the assets to become a major player for MICE (as a MICE destination), especially for small and medium events.”

Hotels, meeting and conference centers, as well as tourist attractions are within easy reach of each other, meaning Luxembourg is incredibly cost-effective for event planners.  Its central location in Europe has historically made it of great strategic importance to numerous powers from ancient to modern times and now as a stable, secure nation, it sits within easy reach of major European business centres.  Luxembourg’s infrastructure is ideally suited for the organisation of meetings, incentives, conventions and other events.

The Secretary of State of the Economy, confirms Luxembourg’s potential as a MICE destination: “The government is convinced that Luxembourg has all the assets to become a prime destination for small and medium-sized MICE events in Western Europe. Luxembourg offers a unique and excellent setting for MICE events. We want to increase international awareness of our strengths and position the Grand- Duchy as a top destination.”

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