Gleneagles Group Activity – GPS Treasure Hunt


gleneagles-2Gleneagles has joined forces with Team Challenge Company to launch a new interactive treasure hunt app at the hotel, which will see delegates get out and about to uncover some of the secrets of the Gleneagles grounds.  Team Challenge Company can provide corporate groups at Gleneagles with bespoke events using the GO Team app and a bank of tablet devices.


At the forefront of the events “gamification” trend, Go Team is designed with team-building activities in mind. The software can turn any terrain into a hi-tech treasure hunt using its in-built GPS system and can be programmed with bespoke ‘mini-missions’, featuring tailored questions and challenges and incorporating photography, quizzes and outdoor activities.

The app is also proving popular at conferences, as it allows organisers to engage with an unlimited number of delegates, encourages networking, offers virtual venue tours and can gather instant feedback.

To learn more about how you can use Go Team as part of your next event at Gleneagles, get in touch with our Group Sales team on 0800 587 8806 or fill in an event enquiry form for a swift response.


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